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Now I know better

I had two (beautiful, wonderful) children, + still I pressed on at a punishing pace:

I vacuumed the house with an infant strapped to my chest while picking up my toddler’s discarded, forgotten toys.

I hosted playdates while preparing dinner for my family.

I was forever playing catch-up; forever behind.

I thought that being busy meant I was doing it right. I assumed adulthood was supposed to be this way.

Mama Minimalist

IIt wasn’t until one afternoon, as I stuffed a pacifier in one kid’s mouth, sang to the other, scarfed down a half-eaten granola bar + sped through a yellow light that I realized

there's got to be a better way

This movement is all about

Decluttering home, head + heart through incremental changes.

Finding peace, not in “stuff”, but in simplicity.

Cutting through the clutter as a means to fully enjoy life's moments, both big + small.

Committing to conscious consumerism + sustainable living.

I’m all about

Giving gifts wrapped in wrinkled tissue paper (it’s reused!).

Being the best mom I can be by working smarter, not harder.

Helping others find their own happy place by organizing, purging, donating, + decluttering.

Finding humor in the mundane + writing it down.

More about me

Mama Minimalist Stephanie

I am a slightly better-than-average marathoner.

I have travelled to (almost) every continent.

I am embarrassingly obsessed with my yellow Labrador Retriever, Lucy.

I taught English Literature to high schoolers for nearly a decade.

When the weather gets chilly, you can find me knitting.

I'm happiest outdoors.

Sustainable minimalism for home, head + heart.

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