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Hello there, I’m Stephanie. I live a crazy, beautiful life as a full-time wife, blogger + mother to two spirited daughters. I’m on a mission to simplify eco-friendly living so as to greater enjoy life’s sweeter moments.

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The Sustainable Minimalists Podcast

The Sustainable Minimalists Podcast is where sustainability, minimalism, zero-waste living, decluttering, parenting + conscious consumerism intersect. I offer eco-friendly tips + incremental strategies for cutting through clutter as a means to more fully enjoy life’s sweetest moments.

Latest podcast:

051: How to Handle Holiday Clutter with Joshua Becker

Did you know? Americans have ridiculous amounts of stuff (about 300,000 items, on average!). Yet when people cite the important things in life, it’s family + relationships they mention, not their stuff.  So why is it the holidays are often about gifts, decorations + clutter, clutter, clutter? On this week’s episode, Joshua Becker encourages us to re-center ourselves around the true meaning of the holidays. He offers his best tips for decluttering during the most wonderful time of the year, too....

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